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So TRUE!!!!

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The Weasley Reunion!!!



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Snape and the City!!!

If you love Sex and the City then you’ll love this new comedy show called SNAPE AND THE CITY which starts at 9/8 central on E channel ENJOY!!!

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The elections Harry Potter style!!!




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Growing up during the years!!!

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What does Draco like???

 What else does Draco like:D

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Is Voldemort related to Harry Potter???

Yes, it states in the deathly hallows that he is related to Voldemort because of Marvolo’s ring , the invisibility cloak that  belonged to Ignotus Peverell who is his descended brother.

this was taken by wikepedia

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Angry birds at Hogwarts!!!

Suddenly Angry Bird characters become Hogwarts delivery owls what an awesome school to got to!!!Harrypotterallwaswell | Tumblr


Harrypotterallwaswell | TumblrHarrypotterallwaswell | Tumblr

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Voldemort pics HELL yes!!!



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When you realize!!!

Your the hottest one in the movies!!!

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